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If I sound slightly out of breath as I write this blog post it is because this week is spent running!

Jeni Maus of Found Rentals still has the rest of the week here to shop with me, but there is already so much to show you (and so little time to write anything else for the blog!) that I thought you may like to see how it has gone so far.

purchases made in a brocante stre

If brocante shopping were an olympic discipline, then I can assure you that Jeni would be a gold medalist.   We have rented a Very Big Truck for her tour, and each day we bring it home full … and then some.

This, for example is what we brought home with us today …

purchases made in a brocante stre

Jeni is buying pieces that will mostly be rented out for weddings, parties and photo shoots.   She is an outstanding professional with a great sense of humour and the days are simply flying by … even when they are 14 hours long.

Yep, because that is the way that these buying tours for professional clients seem to go.  I pull together an itinerary that is aimed to show my client as much fantastic stuff as possible, with no lost time, and make sure that we make the most of the beautiful countryside around here, as we go.



On this trip we have the additional bonus of having a professional photographer along for the ride, as Jeni is accompanied by her lovely husband Joel, famous for his wedding photography.  I know, you don’t need to tell me,  … they are the perfect couple.

jeni and joel maus

In  a couple of weeks’ time, once Jeni and Joel are home, I hope to share some of his photos with you.  It will be a rare treat to see our part of the world through another person’s lens, especially one as talented as this boy.


So today, I bring you more images than words, and leave you to dream about Jeni’s amazing treasure, only part of which is visible here, because the majority is collected directly by the shipper who is following us around Normandy.

purchases made in a brocante stre

And me …. well I’m thinking that if I weren’t already happily married, then right now I’d be working out how I could arrange to get wed in California, just to have the pleasure of a wedding party styled and supplied by Jeni’s sure eye.


If you would like to see more of all the places that we’ll be visiting over the next couple of days, then check out these links for  our instagram pictures taken as we move from one fair or vendor to the next.  You can find Jeni’s pictures here, Joel’s shots here, and mine are here.

touring the normandy countryside on a my french country home brocante tour


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