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Here is a fun date for your calendar, and maybe something to include if you are in Paris this April.   The famous Ritz hotel is holding a sale!  They are naming the event, Once Upon a Time, The Ritz Paris

The hotel was thoroughly renovated and re-opened in 2016, and they have now had time to sort through the many treasures that were stored and finally replaced.   The gold leafed armchair; garden furniture; poodle beds or the occasional ashtray …. the catalogue of 3500 lots for sale is quite wonderful and gives us an instagram-like approach to the former contents of the hotel.

The Ritz originally opened in 1898, and has seen monarchs, business moguls and stars of every nationality walk through its doors.    One of the most well known suites is the Windsor suite that used to look like this…..

……and and has been updated with a lighter touch that shines a light on the historical detailing …

The sale is promising to be quite the event in Paris, with a pre-auction show displayed in the showrooms of the specialised auctioneers Artcurial on the Champs Elysees.  This will be open to the public from 12th to 16th April, and the vignettes and displayed pieces are coordinated by Parisian interior designer Vincent Darré.

Once everyone has had time to feast their eyes and count their available euros, the sale takes place from 17th to 21st April.  Of course Artcurial will also be taking bids by phone or by internet.  You can view their full sale catalogue HERE

So of course the question is what would tempt you?!   Here is a tiny selection with some guideline prices, but I’d love to know if you have memories of the Ritz before the renovation, and whether there is any particular item that you remember and would happily buy for your home?


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