our selection from Rose & Marius

by Sharon Santoni

Rose & Marius store in AIx, Photo by Anne Soulier


My guests on the Provence tour last spring will remember visiting the charming store of Rose & Marius in Aix en Provence.  We stopped here for a lesson in perfume making, and before leaving we had opportunities to shop too.

I love the town of Aix, its warm ochre walls, meandering streets, wonderful restaurants on hidden squares.   Such an elegant city.

street in aix en provence

The brand was created by my friend Magali, and she is truly passionate about what she does.  Her search for the best ingredients for her products; the most beautiful packaging; the right spot for her store and her dedication to her clients, all of these things make her brand very special.

That is why we chose to work with them as our Artisan Brand for the My French Country Home magazine this month.  Offering our readers a special opportunity to buy these exclusive selection of products.

We put together two offers, one for the home and one more personal .  If you subscribe or have purchased our magazine, then turn to page 74 to find details of the products and your special discount code, which is equivalent to a digital subscription to the magazine.

Rose & Marius store in AIx, Photo by Anne Soulier

The first selection is called the Indulgent Body Care Set, and includes

A beautiful pochette printed in the signature Rose et Marius pattern
1 Liquid Soap (fig)
1 Hand Cream (orange blossom)
1 Hand Cream (mint)
A box of 8 mini soaps (mint, orange blossom, mimosa, blackcurrant, lavender, aniseed, rosé wine, melon)
1 large soap in its own gift box (100g, melon)

To purchase the Body Care Set click HERE

Rose & Marius store in AIx, Photo by Anne Soulier

The second set is called the Body and Interior Discovery Set, including:

1 ‘La Parfumerie’ Candle (fig)
1 Marius diffuser
1 Corse solid perfume for your handbag
6 mini soaps in individual boxes (Marius brune, floral, fig, rosé wine, melon)

To purchase the Body and Interior set click HERE


And if you would like to subscribe to the magazine and enjoy the discount on these products, just click HERE


Sherry Gilbert August 10, 2019 - 8:47 pm

I love this brand, I discovered Rose and Marius when I visited Aix en Provence last summer. They are just across the street from Hermes – I bought their soaps and their solid perfume Love, Love, Love


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