My Chat with “La Vie Creative”

by Sharon Santoni

If there is one thing I have learnt with the passing years, it’s that being creative is as vital to me as is breathing.

As a full-time mother, I found raising a family to be extremely creative. Preparing meals, keeping everyone busy and entertained, balancing everyone’s schedule, making a house kid-proof but also pretty… it was all fun, but required some creativity!

Since our children have flown the nest, my husband and I have rediscovered the pleasures of quieter living, and of course I created my blog, my tours, the subscription box and finally My French Country Home Magazine.  All of these activities require me to be very creative, and I love it. Any new project I take on is a steep learning curve, but I am continually grateful for a business that keeps me on my toes.

I was recently interviewed by American expat  Krystal Kenney for her podcast “La Vie Creative,” where she interviews creative people from all walks of life – in Paris and beyond.

If you’d like to listen to our chat about living creatively, redefining your life at any age and how France changed me forever, CLICK HERE!


Maureen Cole September 2, 2020 - 8:52 pm

Lovely to hear your voice on the podcast & experience your summer travels to places we have also been (my trusty notebook is at hand for the next visit). I am an artist and have been for 50 years. When you said that being creative is like breathing, I thought I would share a snippet from my artist’s statement with you. “See the birds with their unfettered freedom, she said. Creativity is like this for me and making art is as close as I will ever come to flying.” Wishing you many more creative days. Maureen

Deborah September 5, 2020 - 7:56 am

I referred to “My French Country Home” magazine in my blog published yesterday (} and linked to your blog. In Western Australia we still are separated from the rest of Australia by our hard border. This means we have experienced no community CV-19 infection for some months, but also means no traveling, either! So you can imagine how much I enjoy “visiting” France through the magazine and your blog.

Kathy Walsh October 13, 2020 - 11:37 pm

Can you tell me what breed of dog is your littlest cutie? I recognize your beautiful Golden but am wondering about your little one?

Richard Fischer November 7, 2020 - 8:20 am

Simply a wonderful way of reinventing yourself dear Sharon, by moving to France! So did I, as an artist concentrating on Floral Photography, I set up my studio in the South of this beautiful country. If I caught your interest, you certainly caught mine, please have a look: – would be marvelous to think of what we can do together to enhance the world with flowers even more. Best Regards from Richard.


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