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Few words again today, just some pictures to share a place we stopped off at yesterday, because my guests wanted to mix a little history in with their brocante.



Here is the Abbey of St Georges de Boscherville.  A 12th century monument that has evolved through history, housed monks, and is today maintained and restored in beautiful detail.


The abbey itself is used each Sunday for Mass and is open to the public the rest of the time, while the remains of the monastery is open to visitors who can walk around freely or choose to be guided.



The gardens are being restored to their original 17th century splendour and it is a joy to wander from the potager to the fruit orchard to the small vineyard on the south facing hill and finally to the scented garden.



You can find more details here, and next time you are in Normandy make a note to stop off and book a guided tour.



St Georges de Boscherville



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